Monday, July 25, 2011

Car seats in the car; pesto in the freezer!

I know it's hardly news, but as the male partner, I feel good about having successfully installed the car seats for the first time! I feel really lucky that our health insurance company provides two seats to us for free, both because of the savings, but also because it eliminates our need to *choose* from the many, many makes and models out there! It's true that these aren't the kind that you can also use as carriers outside the car, but we'll figure something out. They'll be fine for a long while though (up to 50 pounds).

In other news, we're getting several cucumbers a day from our garden, and we'll pick our first broccoli today. We staked the tomato plants yesterday, and we've been keeping everything decently watered in this hot and dry spell. As for the flower gardens, the morning glories are blooming like crazy every morning, and the rain lily in the pot on the back steps is going to bloom again soon! Also, we found two pots of "Moonbeam" Coreopsis, a flower that Jenny has been wanting for a long while, at the supermarket on sale for only 50 cents each!

Our cucumber patch, across the street from our house.

Yesterday's big project, however, was making pesto. First, we made pesto with the basil we picked at our farm share (with walnuts, Parmesan, olive oil and a little garlic). We were excited that the basil hadn't spoiled, because it was over a week old, but it was just fine. Once we got that batch in the freezer in ice cube trays to be transferred to a bag later, we started on a batch with even older garlic scapes. These were also fine, and we had a good system going where Jenny trimmed off the unusable parts while I worked on the chopping and blending. It took a while to get everything right, but eventually we had a huge bowl of yummy garlic scape pesto! Can you guess what we had for dinner? Today, we'll bring up some of the garlic scape batch to my mom, who is allergic to regular pesto, but is very excited to try this version! It's nice to be able to give back like this, since she's given me several batches of pesto that she can't eat over the years.


  1. It seems as though you are getting readier and readier!
    The scapes pesto was REALLY yummy. Thanks so much for thinking of me and driving up to "deliver" (a hint word...) dinner. When I got home, there was a blueberry pie Merry had baked. Gourmet eating in Leyden tonight!
    Love and hugs,

  2. Wait. Your health insurance company provides TWO carseats for FREE?!? Do they do your laundry and wash your dishes for you too? My health insurance company isn't like that. My health insurance company just informed me that a) they couldn't possibly pay for my last doctor's visit without a whole lot of different information on the form, and b) they were charging me for visiting a doctor that I didn't go to and never even heard of. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph Christ!