Sunday, July 17, 2011

Week 35

Making it to this week in my pregnancy is huge. Getting to this point, 35 weeks, means that I can deliver at our local hospital. Yay!! This makes things so much more convenient and it's also one less thing to think about. The babies are still doing great. They keep growing bigger every day, and have plenty of fluid surrounding them. From here on, we'll have ultrasounds every week, along with a weekly meeting with the midwives, just to make sure things are still going smoothly.

35 weeks!!!

My purple morning glories started opening this week. Every morning there are more and more blooms.

The whole backyard flower garden is so pretty right now. We have so many Black-Eyed Susan's in bloom. I love going outside every day to look at the flowers, even if it's a little frustrating to not be able to bend down and pull out the weeds.

This week was difficult in a couple of ways. First, at our meeting with Dr. Kueny last week, he said he was worried about my glucose results from way back when I took the test weeks ago . He recommended that I take the three hour test, just to be sure. The midwives weren't worried, and although originally we weren't either, it's hard to be confident when a doctor feels otherwise.

I felt weird going in to take the glucose test, since I made such a big deal of being able to eat a bagel instead. But, after a day or two of talking about it, we realized we were going to be worrying and wondering now if I didn't do anything. So, I drank the drink for the 1-hour test, knowing that I might not pass it because of being further along in pregnancy than when it's usually taken. I braced myself for how bad it might be... but, actually, it wasn't terrible. Unfortunately, the result that came back was inconclusive, so I went back a few days later to drink the drink for the 3-hour test. That drink was more sugary, but it still wasn't horrible. They took my blood four times (0, 1, 2, and 3 hours), and then I got to go home. I actually had a pretty good time at the hospital during those three hours. I explored and got lost a couple of times. I took a walk outside in the gardens. I went up to the birthing area and read some books about breastfeeding. I talked with people.

The best part of my morning at the hospital was seeing a couple from our birthing class... and their new baby! They had given birth two days ago and were on their way home. It was nice to get a chance to congratulate them and hear about their birth. They said that the midwives were all so wonderful, which was great to hear. Their baby boy was tiny and very cute.

Finally, the results came back from the long test, and they were conclusive: I do NOT have gestational diabetes! See? We knew that. Sheesh. One less thing to worry about (again).

Also, while I was taking the 3-hour glucose test, Brett was getting a ride to Connecticut where he picked up the car we bought last week! Now we have a 4-door car that is ten years newer than our old car, and it doesn't need any work, unlike our old car. It isn't a hatchback, but the rear seats do fold down, so we can stick long objects in the trunk (like our tandem!).

We are very excited about our 2003 Toyota Echo! It has air conditioning, and a tape/cd player/radio, all upgrades from my 93 Honda Civic (which now has a new owner!). The Echo even gets better gas mileage!

The other difficult thing this week has been how itchy I am. I'm itchy all over: my arms, legs, feet, belly, everywhere! It's so bad and nothing seems to help much. Hot showers are the only thing that seem to ease the itches when they get out of control. One night I searched on line for "itchiness during pregnancy" (maybe not the smartest thing to do when you already can't sleep) and I got worried that my itchiness was being caused by a rare condition called Intrahepatic cholestasis. So, we had the midwives order another blood test to check my bilirubin levels. The test came back normal, so apparently I'm just itchy.

I went to a chiropractor twice this week, in an attempt to help Baybay flip around into a vertex position. The Webster Technique is supposed to sometimes be helpful, so I figured it was worth a shot. The lady who I found that does it in this area was really nice, and what she did felt good, but so far, no baby turning has happened.

In other news, we went berry picking! This is one of my favorite activities in the whole world, so it was a lot of fun. It was hot, but we were able to pick enough blueberries to freeze a few, and enough raspberries to enjoy with ice cream over the next couple of days.

Picking golden raspberries.

Blueberries in the background.

We snapped a couple pictures when we stopped by for a short visit at Kathy's work on Friday, after picking up our tandem from the bike shop in Turner's Falls.

A 35 week photo of both of us.


  1. you look WONDERFUL! how nice to go on facebook this morning and see a link to your post. went there right away. love reading about everything and seeing the pictures. thank you so much for doing the blog!!!

  2. You look like a Goddess Jenny. Good luck with birthing! I also picked berries when I was hugely pregnant, It was the perfect activity.