Friday, July 12, 2013

Baybay & Baybee: Week 85 (3/20-3/26)

85 weeks old!

On Friday Aunt Anne came to visit! We all piled into the car to go play at the Parent's Center, but it was school vacation week and they weren't open. Instead, we spent a while checking out all the fun toys at A2Z in Northampton.

 Waiting for the store to open so we can go inside and play.

Dr. Ella.

"I want this, and this, and this, and this!"

We went for a walk together after lunch, before nap time. I think Maya and Ella's favorite part about their Great Aunt Anne's visit though, was helping her make cookies! She brought cookie dough to roll out, cookie cutters and sprinkles. Eating the cookies after they were done baking was also very fun.

Ella didn't want to wear her mittens on the walk.

"No thanks!"

Snow angel.

Making cookies with Aunt Anne is the best.


We also got to see Selena and Guy this week. We all took a walk around the block on Saturday. It was really fun to spend some time all together.

Before the walk, we had some lunch. Here is a picture of Pinky Dog enjoying Ella's food.

Story time.

Selena has awesome boots.

A little room to grow.

Ella with Uncle Guy.


Holding hands with two of my favorite people.

Ella was lucky and got carried for some of the walk.

"One, two, three, swing!"

"More, more, more!"


Taking a break from walking on the road.

Brothers and sisters.

We decided to try moving Maya and Ella out of their pack 'n play beds and onto futons on the floor.  Our reason for the change is because Maya has tried to climbed out of her pack 'n play a few times and it's become stressful at night with the worry that she will fall and get hurt. Also, I really want the girls to sleep on something more comfy - the pack n' plays are so hard! Saturday was the first day in their new beds. We started with nap time. Ella fell asleep half way off her bed and Maya was too tired to fall asleep, so I ended up nursing her after letting her try on her own to get to sleep for a long time. Ella woke up after 45 minutes and her cries woke up Maya, who had just gotten to sleep.   

First nap in their beds (after I put Ella back on her futon and finally got Maya to sleep).

First night in their beds. Both girls fell asleep on their own without any fuss! But, they got up a whole bunch of times in the night.

Close up of Ella snuggled with bear.

Needless to say, we had two very tired girls by the next day. 

That evening, we switched back to the pack n' plays. They missed the comfort of their small space. They wouldn't nap. Everyone was exhausted, and none of us liked closing their bedroom door.  The bigger, more comfy beds were a nice thought, but I guess we weren't ready. For now, they are back and happy (and sleeping well!) in their pack n' plays. We'll try the transition to big beds again someday when Brett and I are less tired.

Two sweet things:

When the girls see Brett or I rub one another, they will often give us nice touches, too.

Ella has started asking for her sister when she wants help with something. This is so sweet, but also causes some trouble if the thing Ella wants help with, Maya isn't able to do.

Here are a few more pictures from the week, plus a couple videos.

Playing at Cup and Top.


Ella pushes the cart at grocery store, on a shopping trip with just the two of us.

Maya eating on Dada's lap.

Happiness is a puddle to stomp in.

Ella, talking to herself in the mirror.

What? Purple doggie did it...

"Mama, I'm ready to go out!"

The day we got a futon in the mail.

Making apple crisp together.

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  1. i loved the whole blog entry but especially the videos. what lucky children maya and ella are to have such a wonderful group of adults to interact with.