Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Baybay & Baybee: Week 93 (5/15-5/21)

93 weeks old!

Talking has really taken off this week. Ella suddenly started calling her sister, "Maya" instead of "Mine" and both girls say new words every day. They are talking so much and really trying to pronounce new words.

I found a dear tick on Ella after we played in the grass at the library on Tuesday. It was right on her belly and we got it off without much trouble. I tried not to make too big of a deal about it, even though it was upsetting to me. Ella didn't seem very fazed by the whole ordeal, but Maya watched closely the whole time and then lay very still while she was checked for ticks. Maya, especially, really picks up on how I'm feeling. For that reason, I'm glad I did a good job of remaining fairly calm. I don't want her to be afraid.

We did a whole bunch of things out and about this week. Sleep has been total crap and Brett and I have been exhausted, but looking back at the pictures, we did so much! I'm not sure how we managed it.

Wednesday was Bike Breakfast in Northampton to celebrate Bike Week. We rode the tandem with trailer in tow the three miles to town. Maya and Ella fell asleep on the way back.

You can see our bike parked outside the fence at the Old Courthouse.

Eating some butter (and bagel) at bike breakfast.


They stayed asleep for a little while longer after we got home and took off their helmets.

I took the girls out by myself to the Parents Center, grocery shopping a couple times, to play at the library, to Big Rig Day in Easthampton to see the big trucks, and on a special outing to see my friend Terry do some Morris Dancing! Whew, that was a lot of being out!

Fun at the rice table at the Parents Center.

Snack time! 
Three sets of twins at this table! Two older girls (just out of the picture to the left) plus Maya and Ella sitting across from two girls, a couple months older, who we met for the first time.

Jim met us at the library. Maya and Ella got him to take all of the dinosaurs down from the high shelf.

Four dinosaurs! Or as Maya says, "Two!".

Not even including all the books, the library is a very fun place.

The trucks at Big Rig Day were VERY loud. Lots of kids honking the horns. After we got our balloons, we went over to the fire station instead. It was much quieter over there.

These hats were fun. Smokey the Bear was a bit frightening.

Sitting on the back of a fire engine.

Ella wasn't as excited about the fire trucks as Maya. I held Ella while Maya climbed all around.

Playing with toys that were around before the Morris dancing at Laurel Park.

Here come the dancers!

My friend Terry is the second from the left, with the hat and red hair.

Maya and Ella loved watching. You may also notice the remains of some chocolate chip cookies we enjoyed if you look closely at Maya's chin.

Brett did his share of outings with the girls as well. He took them to the park, to Cup and Top and on a few stroller walks.

Having a snack at Cup and Top with Dada.

Maya likes to wait for Ella so they can go together.

'Scuse me!

"Woosh!" (Ella doesn't always wait and go together...)

On the way home, they stopped at the little playground at the Community Center. This big slide was fun. The rest of the play structure was a little too big for the girls.

At the park, in hot pursuit of a dog.

They didn't catch him.

On the way home, with snack.

It was so nice outside that one day, the girls and I had a picnic lunch out in the back yard. All four of us also had a picnic at Childs Park another day, with burritos from Bueno y Sano!

Eating on a blanket in the sun.

Maya and her hat.

Taking a big bite of something.

It's important to bounce after you eat.

Eating lunch at Childs Park.

Maya really wanted to climb the trees.

Ella found a little tree.

Collecting sticks.

Ella found a lot!

Shoes on.

Playing after lunch.

And here are some more pictures from the rest of the week!

Sharing her pacifier with the baby doll.

Making faces in the mirror.

We set up this marble run. I'm not sure who enjoyed playing with it the most, the girls or Brett.

Uncle Guy built us a sandbox this week!

It was a hit!

I got this shirt at the thrift store. It's become a favorite for both girls.

Reading in their beds.

Trying asparagus. She wasn't sure.

Brett went with his Mom and brother up to Bradford, VT on Saturday afternoon to see his Uncle Adam compete in a dirt track midget race. He was gone until late at night so wasn't around for the girls' bedtime. Around 4am, Maya came wandering out of her room and over to Brett's side of the bed. She usually comes right over to my side when she gets up. It turned out that she just wanted a hug from Dada. After the hug she when right back to her bed all on her own! Besides being a sweet thing for Brett, it was a nice change from needing lots of help to go back to her bed and sleep.

Some race cars (not Adam's class)!

Adam climbing out of his car after the race.

And one last video!

Notice the shared shoes?


  1. Great post, Jenny! I especially loved watching Maya figure out putting on her shoes.

  2. I'm pretty sure Brett enjoyed the marble run more than Maya did. If I were there, I have fun playing with it too. Thanks for all the videos and pictures. Loved seeing everyone!