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Baybay & Baybee: Week 86 (3/27-4/2)

86 weeks old!

We had a few "firsts" this week. Do you notice anything different about the twins in the above picture? Yup! First hair cuts. Really it was more of a first "trim", because all we touched with the scissors were their bangs. I did the cutting. The motivation was mostly because Ella's hair was constantly in her face. It was often caked with food and she wouldn't keep the clips in to hold it back. Maya, of course, wanted her hair cut, too.  

Before the trim.

Maya before. She only got a tiny snip in the front to even it out.

Ella before...


All together after.

Another first was a visit to see the animals at the Smith Vocational School farm. On the way there, both girls were super excited to see all the cows and horses, (I had been talking it up while we drove) but when we got out of the car and walked toward the barn, one of the cows let out a loud and very surprising, "MooOOoooOOo!" Maya was absolutely terrified. Her whole body went still and she burst into tears. She started signing, "Home, home!" and kept her head buried in my shoulder for the rest of our short stay at the barnyard. Ella wasn't as scared, but still very shy of the large animals, especially when they made any noise. The rest of the day, I was worried that Maya had been scarred for life and would be afraid of farm animals from then on. But, we went back the next day. And the day after, and another day later in the week. We took it slowly and by the third time visiting the animals, the girls were walking around on their own and laughing when the cows mooed.

Watching the cows eat hay.

Holding hands at the farm.

This tractor was a huge highlight of the farm visits...

So was this one.

Selena came along with us to the farm one day. 


"Hi, horse."

Brett says 'hi' to one of the calves.

Maya up on top.

Baby sheep!

It has been so nice outside that we decided it was time to get the swings from the basement and hang them back up! Little crocuses are popping up all over the ground and it's been warm! I think Spring is finally here.

"Hi, swings, we missed you!"

First push...


So happy.

Swing tickles with Selena.

Every Tuesday morning, Brett does his Pedal People route for a few hours. Maya and Ella are so curious and excited when their Dada is getting ready to go to work. If you like videos of the twins, you're in luck, because here are four - all from the same morning.

Getting ready for work...

Eating persimmons and kisses make everything all better.

Waiting for Dada...

Oh no! Dada's bike fell down. This was very concerning to some.

Maya slept all night on Friday, but Saturday night she woke up again at 3am wanting Mama and Dada. Ella has been sleeping well at night. It sure would be great if they would both consistently sleep well.

Maya's got three of her four two-year molars in now, which had been coming through all week (and the last one is on it's way) so that could explain the night wakings. But, it just always seem like it's something. It's a rare night that all four of us sleep all night long. The girls are also starting to shift their naps later. We missed HooteNanny this week because the girls were still asleep. Changes, changes.

Some of us catch up on sleep in the stroller.

Words that the girls can say now: more, moon, map, ella, maya, dada, mama, up, off, on, papa, guy, bead, beet, bah bah (for sheep), moo (for cow), hay, row row row (for the 'row your boat' song), a (for the alphabet song), ham, hot, boat, mm-hm, uh oh, okay.

This was a good week for laundry. We hardly washed any diapers because the girls just aren't wearing them. They've started taking the little potties to toilet to dump them by themselves and (especially Ella) love flushing the toilet.

Maya sits on the toilet all by herself!

On Tuesday I went out alone in the morning with Maya and Ella. They peed in the potties before we left and had underwear on while we were out. We went to the farm to see the animals and then to the Parents Center where we played for about an hour and a half. They had some snack and then we all used the bathroom there (they both peed) before leaving. We said goodbye and walked upstairs and outside. About half way to the car, Maya stopped and did the sign for 'poop'. I asked her if she could wait until we got home (only about a 5 minute drive) and she shook her head 'no'. Back inside we went! She pooped right away in the potty. She was so proud of herself! And I was so proud of her. We have been doing EC since they were born, but we always used diapers as back up. The going out in underwear thing is still new and a little intimidating. But, the more we do it, the more I trust that they will tell me if they need to use the bathroom.

Shoes in the bathtub - a great idea!

Climbing on Dada.

Brett and I built a little cold frame!



Selena came over for dinner one evening. We made a delicious meal, complete with carrot cake!

The cake with raspberries bits on top!

Jim stopped by and went for a walk with the girls and me.

Pushing the bike.

Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the flowers. (Thanks to Jim for taking this beautiful picture.)

More fun on the bike while her sister naps in the stroller.

Such a happy face.

We found a worm. It must be Spring!

And later in the week, we saw a woolybear caterpillar! 

Lining up the marbles.

A lot in one hand!

Come back over here with those marbles...

Ella's art.



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  1. Fun videos, and some really wonderful stills. Of course, you have some beautiful subjects!